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Review: Holy Boy – Self Titled EP.

Holy Boy releases her self titled EP tomorrow. Recorded at Ben Hillier’s whose worked with The Horrors and Blur at The Pool Studios in London last year and mixed by the acclaimed producer, Holy Boy brings some incredible tracks together on her debut EP. You can listen to highlight from the EP, Deep Sky through YouTube here.

Conjuring a mood that races through the EP, Holy Boy certainly uses different instruments and synth sounds to creat melodies throughout this record particularly on tracks such as Lay Your Hands. Whereas tracks such as Deep Sky stand out on this EP, the melodies are simple but they are impressive, working with her vocal incredibly well, accentuating it perfectly.

Jaeger’s voice is stirring throughout her self titled. Sometimes used in the background of tracks – on Funeral her vocals are obscured by the melodies and the vocals blurring with the sound certainly makes for an interesting listen. Used in the fore, the way she uses her voice on these songs is unique and weave together perfectly on each track. Tracks such as For You highlight the tone of her voice and the emotional delivery of the words is an incredible listen.

Holy Boy delivers something practically divine. A great fusion of sounds and vocals, Holy Boy creates something completely her own, it’s intriguing and keeps you listening to the end. Highlights for me on this record are For You and Lay Your Hands, however if you like moody Electronica, this is the EP for you.




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