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Review: Doll Skin – Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

Doll Skin MPDG Cover

Doll Skin this week release their new album Manic Pixie Dream Girl through EMP Label Group. Set to be on tour throughout the Summer on Warped tour, Doll Skin deliver some huge tracks and that is certainly clear once again here, particularly with songs such as Shut Up (You Miss Me) Which you can listen to here.

Fierce from the beginning of the record, the band deliver razor sharp critique and huge choruses as soon as the record starts. From tracks such as Boy Band to tracks such as Uninvited, this band deliver some scathing tracks and it’s awesome. An album that is a combination of the personal and the political, Doll Skin continue to deliver.

The vocals sound amazing throughout this album, particularly on tracks such as Sweet Pea where that emotion is delivered perfectly, the lyricism is raw and real and the track makes for a highlight of the record and partnered with the melodies it works. This band deliver punchy riffs on tracks such as Shut Up (You Miss Me) and Road Killa but also a foundation of drums that continues to make this record go at a break neck pace.

Manic Pixie Dream Girl is certainly no subplot, this is the story, the band making their album a demand for attention and you know what? You should definitely should be as this band deliver incredible Rock tracks throughout this album. Catchy hooks, fantastic riffs and vocals that deliver on every song, Doll Skin have some amazing tracks that are going to be an incredible listen live. Highlights for me on this album are Shut Up (You Miss Me), Puncha Nazi and Boy Band.



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