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Review: Yorkshire Rats – Self Titled EP.

Yorkshire Rats this week release their self titled EP through Northern Ruff Records. For fans of Social Distortion, Face To Face or Pennywise, this band have been around since 2004 and toured with CJ Ramone and Rancid and it makes sense as this band bring a mesh of SoCal Punk and 80s UK influences together.

Raw, grinding guitars get this EP started and continue throughout. Energising these tracks with perfect timing and frantic melodies that keep this record bouncing throughout with energy. The rough around the edges vibe on tracks such as Where Do I Sign? Make for a great listen, that SoCal vibe shining through on tracks like this.

Yorkshire Rats also match their skill with melodies to the ones they have at making some great choruses and big hooks that keep you pulled in on this EP. Better Days Will Come is a great example of this where the band create an anthem that deserves a big stage however this runs throughout the record, Alone Together is certainly a track that might get stuck in your head for a bit, and I don’t think you’ll mind.

A strong EP from the start, the band know what they want to make and it shows on this EP, and they make it incredibly well. Highlights for me on this record are Alone Together and Where Do I Sign? However this whole EP is well worth listening to if you like Punk done well.




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