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Review: INVSN – The Beautiful Stories.

The Beautiful Stories is the latest from INVSN who released their album last week through Dine Alone Records.  A band with a lot of promise if first single This Constant War is anything to go by (You can listen here), this is a band that delivers a personal and political message and it sounds good.

This is a band who certainly can make a mood. An atmosphere is created well on this record as the band use layers of synth and music techniques to create extraordinary melodies.  I Dreamt Music in particular stands out as the band create captivating sounds to make the track stand out and create a dark melody that ties in to this record with ease.

The combination of male and female vocals on this album do work really well together. This shows on tracks such as This Constant War as the duo vocals work in harmony together with the thudding beat the band create and build on this track and this continues throughout the EP as they deliver some catchy choruses and craft some incredible melodies which I feel is where the band focuses on this record.

So many great records come from Scandinavia lately, and INVSN are not an exception to that rule. The band capture a mood on this record and they create it incredibly well, keeping you listening to the end though in places it could pick up the pace. Highlights for me are This Constant War and The Distance.




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