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Review: Playing To Vapors – Shred The Master Design.

The indie/math-pop band Playing To Vapors release their debut full-length Shred The Master Design on June 16th. The first single from the album, Switchblade, a track about being young and impressionable is a great first look at the album and offers a lot of promise. You can give Switchblade a listen here.

The Math Pop influences weave throughout this album making for a captivating sound. They are clear on tracks such as Switchblade which certainly grabs your attention, but tracks such as Twin Flames which incorporate some of those influences with strong guitar melodies create a heavy mood that makes it stand out on this record.

But what really grabs you on Shred The Master Design are the vocals. A band with a vocalist with an incredible range and tone, it’s used very well throughout this album by the band.  The Perfect Weapon In Human Form and Flash Camera certainly highlight the deep moments to the voice but the great high notes that are delivered on these tracks throughout.

Playing To Vapors make a record that certainly showcases what this band can do, creating incredible beats throughout particularly on tracks such as Goddess Appears, and highlighting the band’s vocal strength on these songs with real skill. Highlights for me on this album are title track Shred The Master Design,  Twin Flames and Goddess Appears, however this an album needs to be listened to completely as these tracks work together incredibly well from start to finish on this album.



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