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Review: Freya Wilcox & The Howl – Tooth & Nail.

Freya Wilcox & The Howl released their album last week, Tooth & Nail. A great combination of Blues and Punk that sounds so good, the band create an album that makes for an album impossible to dislike. You can listen to a highlight from the album Skin here  (Not suitable for work).

Wilcox’s vocals are raw and brilliant throughout this record, delivering each track with a bluntness that makes for a great sound – delivering huge choruses throughout with power, particularly on tracks such as Nothing. Nothing has a huge hook that is meant to be joined in with and delivered by Wilcox it sounds so good and those choruses continue being infectious to the end.

The energy on this record is created by some great guitar work on this album. The rough and ready riffs that thread throughout this album work with the drumwork well creating melodies that live are going to sound incredible in the future – the blues roots of the band are certainly clear on this album and it’s in the guitars those roots are clearer than ever.  This band have excellent timing on this record using the changes of tempo deliver some great choruses, this shows on You Would Do The Same For Me.

Tooth & Nail is a great record, this band demonstrating just what they can do and it makes for a hell of a listen. Bouncy riffs and great choruses make you pay attention and you’ll be glad you did. Highlights for me are You Would Do The Same For Me and Skin begins this record perfectly.




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