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Review: Moscow – Queen Of Sin EP.


Queen Of Sin is the recently released EP from Moscow.  A young musician who has been playing music in Russia for years, this is certainly is a musician who is now creating something that makes you pay attention. You can listen to the EP in it’s entirety through Spotify now here.

The vocals are excellent. Delivering a great singing voice with moments of some well executed screaming, Moscow certainly has the voice to deliver these tracks with and it shows on every track of this EP and the writing is just as good. Brutal and raw on tracks such as Nowhere To Hide, the lyrics certainly are delivered with a raw vocal and delivered well.

The melodies are just as strong. The drum work gives tracks such as Black Widow the energy the song deserves and are used sparingly in the more emotional moments of tracks such as Watch Me Burn and it makes for a great listen. These tracks build dramatically throughout the record and it blends with the sheer power of Moscow’s voice.

Queen Of Sin is a solid EP from Moscow which certainly makes clear what she has learnt and crafted it into something great, these tracks really making you pay attention to what she can do. Highlights for me are Black Widow and Watch Me Burn however this EP is certainly a great listen and a great introduction to this musician who is just going to get better from here on in – if you like New Year’s Day, you’ll like this.


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