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Review: Volka – Equate EP.

Equate is the debut EP from Volka, the EP going live tomorrow. A five piece Alt-Rock band from Scotland, Volka recorded with Bruce Rintoul whose worked with Fatherson and Vukovi, and this band certainly create debut to be noticed.  You can listen to the band’s debut single, Choke, through Youtube here

Reminiscent of bands such as Twin Atlantic, this band have the ability to create a huge sound, with pounding drum beats and strong riffs that power these tracks making for a great sound. This is clear from the start, Strong being the perfect opener to the EP, Volka certainly making clear what they can do from the start.

The melodies are great and the vocals are just as good. A raw vocal that powers through these tracks they deliver some great choruses on this record which live are going to sound so good – this band certainly don’t sound like they’re just starting out as this band deliver every track in blistering fashion, Choke is certainly evidence of that.

Equate certainly makes clear this band have incredible potential, delivering relentless, frantic rock tracks throughout this EP making it difficult to fault and combined with hooks on tracks such as Equate and Strong this band certainly have everything they need to do great things. Highlights for me are title track Equate, Strong and Choke, however this EP is the debut EP any band wants and certainly worth a listen when it is released tomorrow.



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