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Review: Aviator – Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me.

Aviator this week release their album through No Sleep Records, Loneliness Leaves The Light On For Me.  The band who who garner comparisons to bands such as Small Brown Bike or Fugazi, certainly create something of their own on their sophomore record. First single, Nasonov Pheremone can be heard through Brooklyn Vegan here.

A band with a strong grasp on melodies, Aviator innovate on this record as they create dramatic sounds and use unique techniques together to make some stand out songs. Tracks such as I Wouldn’t Leave Here Even If You Paid Me are certainly proof of this as the use of different sounds and the band’s own style come together to make a formidable track.

Vocally reminiscent of bands such as La Dispute in places but with far more aggressive vocals in the singing parts, this band deliver some incredible lyricism on this album, songs such as End Scene are certainly evidence of this as the band deliver a blistering vocal with brutal lyrics that make for a highlight on this album combined with those riffs that blast with great timing on the track.  This band do not show any signs of letting up on this record at all.

Aviator don’t disappoint on this record as they bring their expertise to the fore on their new album. Packed with melodies that weave with the vocals with real authority throughout and a style they make their own, Aviator have something good here – tracks such as Ad Nauseam are certainly proof of this. Highlights for me on this album are Looks Deep Enough From Here, Ad Nauseam and End Scene.



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