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Review: Insatia – Phoenix Aflame.

Phoenix Aflame is the new album from Insatia which is released this week through Pitch Black Records. Founded in 2009 and fronted by Zoë Federoff, the band has released one album and opened for multiple international acts, including Sonata Arctica and Dark Tranquility.  You can listen to single from the album We Are The Grey through Bandcamp here.

A band who know how to create dramatic melodies, Insatia certainly start as they mean to go on on their second record. Riffs stand out throughout this album, the guitars creating energy that work with the drum work and in places piano to make an incredible sound. This is particularly clear on songs such as Captor & The Captive where these elements shine.

Federoff’s vocals throughout this album work with the melodies with real ease, the band really harmonising with her and using her unique tone on this record well straight from the start, the intro using her softer tone but Act Of Mercy demonstrating that more raw tone she can deliver. It’s an unexpected vocal for a Metal band however it works in contrast really well on this record with the sound of crunching guitars and it makes for a great listen.

Insatia certainly prove that the wait for their second album was so worth it. The band make some great choruses on this album which delivered with these vocals combined with this band’s style of melody makes for an album where they show what they can do. Highlights for me on this album are Act Of Mercy, Captor & The Captive and title track Phoenix Aflame.



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