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Review: Gold Casio – Fever Dreams EP.


Gold Casio self release their new EP this week, Fever Dreams. A combination of Nu-Disco and Dance, Gold Casio deliver seven tracks of their own unique sound on this record. You can listen to one of the tracks from the new EP, Socialites and Singer Types through the band’s Soundcloud here.

This band from the moment the EP begins show that they can create a beat. The throbbing beat of opening and title track Fever Dream are certainly incredible and that continues on tracks such as She’s Bored where those Disco influences are on display. The use of vocal samples on She’s Bored work in the background of the track, adding more to it.

The combination of female and male vocals certainly add more dimension to the record.  The way they are used also with some tracks using the male vocals or female vocals allows for the delivery of the tracks to change up and work in a different way, tracks such as Colors On The Wall use those husky female tones with real genius and harmonise with the melodies with ease, delivering the hooks perfectly on this album.

Gold Casio are experts in their craft if this EP is anything to go by. Bringing together fun melodies, crafting incredible beats and cool grooves to make for some amazing songs and that is certainly clear on my favourite of the EP, Last Song. Other Highlights also include Gold Mine featuring Coco Columbia, which features those cool grooves at their finest on this record.



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