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Review: Little Mammoths – Cargo For The Road.

Little Mammoths release their new album this Friday, Cargo For The Road as the band prepare to play Glastonbury. Little Mammoths are a Rock’n’Roll Bar Band formed in 2014, that cut from the same cloth of The Hold Steady, Drive-by Truckers and Wilco. You can give a listen to the band’s first single Get Me Back To Austin here.

This band have a way with melodies and a greater one with a guitar. The band use guitar melodies which add to the emotion of the track with rare quality throughout this album, particularly on tracks such as She Came In From The Storm. The guitar works with the raw vocal well and deliver the sombre lyricism brilliantly.

Lyrically this album is very honest but also poetic, the words delivered with the melodies making the listener feel the words more, particularly on tracks such as First Light – a track about getting home with a simple hook but  real emotion to it this band do with real ease throughout this record.  Alright For Tonight picks up the pace on the record with a biographical track that makes for a great listen, this band’s way with words on display.

Little Mammoths create a record to be proud of here. The band’s brilliance with words shines here with it’s use of guitars making those words shine brighter than ever. Highlights for me on this record are where the band take up the pace Alright For Tonight and Get Me Back To Austin certainly are where the band bring the energy and it works, though tracks such as First Light keep it simple maybe, but highlight this band’s qualities here.



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