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Review: The Big Drops – Time, Color.


New Jersey Rockers, The Big Drops release their new album this week, Time, Color. Taking inspiration from 60’s left of centre Pop Music and some inspiration from Electronica, The Big Drops create a unique debut on this album. You can give a listen to the band’s first single By The Water through Soundcloud here.

Those sixties’ influences on this record are pretty clear right from the start of this record. Those 60’s Pop sensiblities are weaved into the record with the melodies as the band put their own spin on the sound with funky guitar riffs and synth use that works on these tracks to really well. This is particularly clear on tracks such as By The Water and If The World.

Vocally strong on this record, the band use them well, layering them on tracks such as By The Water, particularly using what sounds like choral vocals on the end of the track to add to the sound as it begins to close out. The band add an ethereal touch to the record in places and then a Rock And Roll vibe on tracks such as Baskets Of Love that make for a fun listen but also showcase the versatility and the vocal range of this band though may seem out of place.

Probably the most intriguing record I’ve heard this year, The Big Drops release an album that certainly does not sound like anything I’ve heard in 2017, maybe since I begun writing. A band with a great sound, swirling melodies and a vocalist that makes these tracks stand out, Time, Color is a captivating listen. Highlights for me on this album are Baskets Of Love and Watcha Know is a stand out track with a nice guitar melody that peaks your curiousity.




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