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Review: You Bred Raptors? – International Genetics.

You Bred Raptors? Are a experimental, Post Rock band from New York who this week release their new album International Genetics. Playing subways all over New York, in fact around 800 times, You Bred Raptors? Certainly have been heard and so they should be. You can give a listen to Bayonette, the band’s first single from the album here.

An intriguing record from the start, the band make melodies naturally. Using different instruments including 8 string Bass and Glockenspiel, this band create some incredible pieces of music, tracks such as Bellflower emphasise this. However this band can create incredible beats too, particularly on track such as Stalemate where they take centre stage on International Genetics.

This band also really do use the cello on this record throughout incredibly well. The strings are emphasised from start to finish on this album and it’s the cello that’s certainly at the fore of this band. Building drama and tension on tracks such as Lagoon really emphasise the talent on this record and then creating a calm and chilled track such as Sharks And Minnows, You Bred Raptors? Certainly are a band who use what instrumentally they have incredibly well.

International Genetics is certainly a record that captures the imagination, the band create music that showcases their talent. The emotion on tracks such as Vault are certainly clear and tracks such as Lagoon transport you to a place you wish you were and it is done with no words at all. This is an album with charm and it makes for a great listen. Highlights for me on this album are Lagoon, Sharks & Minnows and Vault.



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