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Review: Ratboys – GN.

Ratboys this week release the follow up to AOID this week, GN, which is released through Topshelf Records. The band have a way with melodies creating a raw, easy sound and that continues on this record. You can give a listen to one of the highlights, Westside through Line Of Best Fit here.

A band with an incredible way with melody, it is clear throughout this album how good they are. An easy sound that just charms your ears from start to finish, this band just have a way of deliver something that sounds incredible. Soothing guitar melodies on tracks like Peter and the energy of tracks such as Molly, this band have it all.

Vocally this album is just as powerful. The almost sweet vocals work on this record and with some great lyricism, this album certainly stands out as the band use those rough around the edge melodies to contrast with the incredible sound of the vocals, something that hasn’t changed from the former record, however this band certainly have pushed their sound further.

GN is a great record, as the band explore their sound and bring what they do best to the fore once again – crafting melodies that pull you in no matter where you are in the record. Highlights for me on this album are tracks such as Molly, GM is also a stand out track and The Record near the end certainly makes for a great listen, the simplicity of the track working as the band bring the album to a finish.



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