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Review: 88 Fingers Louie – Thank You For Being A Friend.

88 Fingers Louie are back with their first album in 19 years, Thank You For Being a Friend. The Chicago-based punks have teamed up with Florida’s Bird Attack Records to release their new record, which comes out this Friday.  You can give a listen to one of the new track Catastrophe Awaits through YouTube here.

This band certainly haven’t lost it as the band crash into rambunctious melodies from the start of this album. Frantic guitars run straight throughout this record with ease and the drums in collaboration certainly bring more energy than this record will ever need and it works together throughout. Tracks such as Advice Column are certainly perfect example of this.

The vocals pack a punch on this record too, delivering some raw but honest lyrics throughout the album with some huge choruses that pound away just as well as the melodies, the hooks coming in with huge drum beats and rough guitars that make for a very classic sounding Punk record. This band really concentrate on the melodies on this record for me and it shows on tracks such as Here’s To That Innocence, where the band make me think live this record is going to be brutal.

Thank You For Being A Friend is certainly an album which roars with its punk elements. Fantastic guitars and powerful vocals rip through this record and it makes for a great listen. Highlights for me on this album are Here’s To That Innocence, Catastrophe Awaits and My Final Story ends this album pretty well.




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