EPs & Singles.

Review: Callaghan – The Other Side EP.

Callaghan releases a new EP this week, The Other Side. Her last two singles have grabbed people’s attention, getting deserved radio play on BBC Radio 2 and heading on tour throughout June, recently playing the Summertyne Fest too. You can give a listen now to the title song of the EP, The Other Side through Soundcloud here.

An incredible voice from the start of the EP, Callaghan uses her stunning vocal to deliver some poetic lyricism and some nice choruses that come so naturally on this album, and entwined with the melodies these songs make for a great listen. Tracks such as I Don’t Know How To Lose You certainly are evidence of this.

The melodies in places have the intensity they need that are reminiscent of musicians such as Christina Perri particularly with the piano work on this record that gives these songs a dramatic foundation. Title track The Other Side has these characteristics combined with some strong drumwork and strings that certainly build this song into an intense sound.

The Other Side is a great EP with a combination of great melodies and beautiful vocals that really make you pay attention to these songs.  Callaghan has incredible skill at weaving different sounds and instrumentals together here and it makes for a captivating record particularly with the vocals. Highlights for me are The Other Side and Solid Ground.



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