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Review: Bellevue Days – Rosehill.

Bellevue Days release their new EP this week, Rosehill through Kobalt. Rising stars of the UK Pop Punk scene, Bellevue Days are certainly a band to keep an eye on and this EP makes clear why. You can give a listen to track from the album, Faith now through YouTube here.

From the moment this band’s new record begins you can tell this is a band with a firm grip with melodies. Building these tracks to dramatic ends, as the rhythm section bring the noise on tracks such as Jack And I certainly are proof of this on this EP. There’s an intensity to these tracks that work with the vocals perfectly.

This band deliver some brilliant lyricism, tracks such as Secret Love and Faith show this, I feel the writing gets stronger as the EP goes on and these tracks certainly prove that and delivered by the combination vocals from the band, they are delivered with raw power which combined with the guitars on Faith makes for an incredible track.

Rosehill certainly is not something I expected, but it is what I wanted. The band smooth out their sound and they do it incredibly well, the melodies delivering on every track and they harmonise with the vocals incredibly well, this band do just keep getting better. Highlights for me are Faith and Black Sheep Baby, which opens this EP brilliantly.



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