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Review: Black Satellite – Endless.

Black Satellite release their new album this week, Endless. Black Satellite have been crafting alt-rock hits for six years, and are preparing to release their debut on July 7th.  You can listen to a track from the album through New Noise Magazine, My Resolve here.

Endless is an intense listen, the brooding melodies build as this album continues. This band create strong guitar riffs and dark moods that tie together to perfection on this record throughout. Tracks such as Still I Remember and Valkyrie certainly prove this as the band build tracks that are hard to forget, particularly with the vocals.

The vocals power through this record with such class. Tracks such as Calamity are perfect examples of this as the lyrics are delivered with brute force and it makes for a highlight on this album. This band know how to write some huge choruses and this album certainly had them and their delivery just works throughout this album, the emotion of the words feels fresh on this album in places and makes for a captivating listen.

Endless certainly is an album that showcases what this band can do. A band with a rare talent for making melodies and a vocalist with real power, Endless certainly makes clear what this band have learnt from creating music and is reminiscent of bands such as Pvris when this band really come into their own. Highlights for me are Calamity and My Resolve, however as a whole Endless is a great listen.



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