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Review: Elsie & The Vibe – Self Titled EP.

Elsie & The Vibe release their self titled EP next month. Elsie started music at a young age, influenced by the strong vocals of Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. The singer-songwriter brings to light her most recent work under Elsie and The Vibe. You can listen to a track from the EP Riverside through Soundcloud here.

A stunning vocal that delivers on these tracks throughout. Riverside is a powerful display of Elsie’s voice on this record with soaring and driven vocals that power in to the chorus with real quality. Elsie’s tone suits the soul sound of the record and she delivers these songs with retro melodies that work, particularly on tracks such as Stop.

The melodies certainly are not the sounds that keep you standing still. Set to be danced to, Elsie & The Vibe create some huge Soul inspired melodies throughout this record, with dramatic sounds and big instrumentals that lift this record to life, particularly songs such as Take Me and the melody which Just Don’t has sounds so good, and the lyric ‘just don’t be a dick’ should always be sung like this.

Elsie & The Vibe’s self titled EP is a fun and energetic record that is well worth a listen if you like some great soul tracks. A tremendous voice delivers catchy lyrics and this band back her up very well. Highlights for me are Just Don’t and opening track Riverside, but this EP is well worth a listen.



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