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Review: The Last Dinosaur – The Nothing.

The Last Dinosaur this week release their album that’s taken seven years to complete, The Nothing through Naim Records. The brainchild of Londoner Jamie Cameron, it’s an album that addresses a tragic event from his teenage years, and transmutes that experience into a cathartic work of art. You can give a listen to Grow through Soundcloud here.

A collection of songs with incredible melodies, Cameron weaves these tracks together with skill throughout this record. The mood on this record considering its themes are uplifting and entrancing, particularly tracks such as Grow that certainly show this even though it has dark lyricism that harmonises so easily with the melodies.

This record goes in depth about mortality and does it with real sophistication throughout. Tracks such as We’ll Greet Death with its string plucked melodies and choral singing works on this song, bringing with it a huge hook that will uplift on this track in the darkness and it makes for a captivating listen.

This album’s melodies are its jewel in the crown and it makes for an album that glows with how it expresses the mood of the record. On Water and The Body Collapse are instrumental pieces (with some vocal layers on the latter) that certainly illustrate this and they make for excellent moments on this record that break up some great songs with Cameron delivering wonderful lyricism, this album somehow delivers an incredible picture.



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