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Review: Next To None – Phases.

Next to None phases

Metal act Next To None, release their new album, Phases, Friday through EMP. The band recently completed their first ever European tour alongside label-mates Haken and are now set to do greater things. Formed in 2012 in Pennsylvania, the foursome released their well-received debut A Light In The Dark in 2015 via InsideOut, before setting out to work on Phases.

This album from the start certainly shows what this band can do. Tracks such as Alone have  huge instrumentals that display the bands way with creating melodies with dramatic riffs and noises that blend brilliantly together that alone make for an incredible song, then the vocals add another excellent layer to the track.  These songs build and then slow down with precision, this band creating an incredible listen.

The vocals certainly sound so good on this record and deliver some great writing. Poignant in places and with incredible depth, this band certainly have a lyricist equal to the quality of the sound they are creating. This is  particularly clear on tracks such as Kek, standing out for their mix of singing, screaming weaved into the layers and spoken word that makes for a band that is still pushing forward and experimenting and it is intriguing.

Next To None continue their evolution on this album and certainly hold your attention. Explosive riffs combined with thunderous drums, tracks such as Clarity in particular stand out for those reasons on this record and songs such as The Apple really pull your attention to the drumwork which energises this track from the introduction. Highlights for me are Kek, The Apple and The Wanderer ends this record and does it very well.



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