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Review: Best Ex – Ice Cream Anti Social.

Best Ex, the new project from members of Punk band Candy Hearts, release their debut EP this week, Ice Cream Anti Social through Alcopop! Records in the UK. A more pop EP with some great singles, this EP certainly caught my attention, particularly first single Someday which you give a listen to here.

An EP that certainly is a change of direction, but probably my new favourite route. Bursting with infectious melodies from beginning to end, Best Ex have tracks such as Girlfriend which keep the upbeat tone of the record and bring those pop sounds that work but also tracks such as Jellyfish that make me think if you like the interludes on Paramore’s self titled you will love this.

There’s certainly some great choruses on this EP too, ready to be sung a long to. Lonely Life for example is a track that’s made for the Summer, with a bouncy melody and Loveland’s vocals delivering a melancholy but oddly fun pop track. See You Again certainly follows in the same vein and stands out on this EP. This band certainly seem to make something new here and it feels as good as it sounds.

Ice Cream Anti Social is a great debut from Best Ex who bring together a great collection of songs that work together so well, with cool melodies and infectious lyrics that are made for the coming Summer months. Highlights for me on this EP are See You Again and Jellyfish.



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