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Review: Choir Vandals – Dark Glow.


Choir Vandals release their debut full length this week, Dark Glow through Animal Style Records. A bands for fans of The National or maybe Death Cab For Cutie, Choir Vandals begin creating their own sound on this record and it shows. You can give a listen to first single, Holiday Girls through Paste Magazine here.

I like how this band make melodies from the start of this record. They work with the vocals well and certainly pool their influences on this record that make for some striking moments. This for me in particularly clear on opening track A Place To Hide but also on tracks such as The Gardener where the band use their guitarists brilliantly and this continues on Mother too, where the band slow down the pace.

An album that’s about love in so many forms, Dark Glow certainly sheds a light on how a human can feel so much over one thing, and Choir Vandals do it masterly. Tracks such as Mother are about fighting demons but tracks such as Sequencer take on that darker note as the power of unrequited love sweeps in, the lyricism delivers it incredibly well,  lines such as ‘I’m sinking into the dark of night avoiding everything that’s bright, covering up the light’  simple but effective on tracks like this.

An album worth listening to, Choir Vandals make an album that pushes their sound further with experimental melodies and songs that just keep it real as the melodies go in the opposite direction. Highlights for me are White Gloves, A Place To Hide and The Gardener.



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