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Review: Us And Us Only – Full Flower.

Us And Us Only release their new album this week through Topshelf Records. Formed in 2009 in Maryland the band have released many EP’s that vary between acoustic arrangements to a warped vision of indie rock and now the band has settled into a groove that manages to distill all of those sounds into their first LP.

It is not difficult to like how this band works. Creating melodies that build and twist with real expertise, this band craft their sound and it makes for some great listening. Tracks such as My Mouth and title track Full Flower are certainly songs that aren’t made in amateur hour, and they sound incredible with brilliant guitar work that has Math Rock vibes and weaving musical sounds flawlessly.

This is an album with so much feeling, and certainly raw ones at that. Songs such as Shame certainly are honest takes on life and love and that continues throughout this album, the band have a great way with words and metaphor that make for interesting writing, My Mouth stands out for those reasons once again and Veiled – Forming too, this band certainly create something lyrically incredibly individual.

Full Flower is a tremendous album, it’s refreshing and moody, and just great indie rock tracks that certainly stand out. Made with real finesse and a talent for melodies, this band have made an album that you need to hear. Highlights for me are of course My Mouth, Bored Of Black and title track Full Flower is a real highlight on this album and it’s not a surprise this band chose it for their title, I would to.




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