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Review: Worhol – The Awakening.

Worhol this week release their album The Awakening through Imminence Records. For fans of bands such as Nightwish or Within Temptation, Worhol make for a great listen if you like Symphonic Metal. You can give a listen to a teaser for the album through the band’s Facebook page here.

Worhol’s melodies do sound good on this record. The high notes bring these songs to life with ease as this band support her with strong riffs and building melodies that work with the sound of the record but also in the lighter moments. The blending in with piano melodies sounds really good,  on tracks such as Time To Say Goodbye, a highlight on this record.

Vocally this band have a great lead in Ashley Warhol. Her vocals deliver some great and thoughtful lyricism on this album and the band back her up well. Tracks such as Jurisdiction and Is This What’s Left Of Me? In particular stand out for their lyrical content, the writing really bringing the dark themes to light with a voice that truly does deliver throughout the album.

The Awakening is a good debut record from the band who certainly show what they can do and what they can become, particularly on tracks such as Rage And Revenge, the instrumental work really showing what the guitarists can do in this band and with such a good vocalist, Worhol has a lot of potential.  Highlights for me are Jurisdiction, Time To Say Goodbye and Rage And Revenge.



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