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Review: Caitlin Eadie – Balancing Act.

Caitlin Eadie this week releases her album, Balancing Act. Based in LA, Eadie writes great Alternative Pop and her new album is no exception. You can give a listen to the last track on the album, Wolf Cry through Atwood magazine now here. 

Eadie certainly makes some fun songs, with big beats and some cool grooves that work throughout this record, tracks from the album such as Best Kept Secret bring in different influences and make for a stand out song on this album. Palm Tree Dreaming has a more chilled vibe and makes for a cool sound on this album and where the writing comes into it’s own.

Balancing Act throughout has some huge hooks. Eadie has a natural ability at creating some great choruses on this album and with a voice that is kind of reminiscent of Winehouse, they’re delivered with a raspy sound that works very well with the melodies she crafts, tracks such as Half Step Hope however remind me of musicians such as Sigrid.

An album with some great pop songs and interesting melodies, Eadie know what she wants to create and she does it incredibly well. Balancing Act is packed with tracks made to sing along with and a way with sound that is made for the Summer. Highlights for me on this album Best Kept Secret, Half Step Hope and I like the sound of Heartbeat, a sweet track near the end of the album that stands out for all the right reasons.




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