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Review: Fights And Fires – Live Life Like A Tourist.

Live Life Like A Tourist is the new album from Fights And Fires which is released this week through Lockjaw Records. The new album features 8 tracks of melodic hardcore-infused punk-rock, with a real upbeat feel to it.  You can give a listen to the band’s first single from the album Blanquettes Avenue now on Soundcloud here.

There’s no denying this band’s prowess with melodies. Riffs blast through these tracks and the drums are not at all far behind, this band bringing the noise from the moment these songs begin. Songs such as Awkward are certainly proof of that, this band firing on all cylinders on the track, packing the tracks with melodies.

Accompanying the melodies are some pretty good hooks, and hooks is certainly an apt word for tracks such as Take A Swing At The World (used on a German Wrestling show, no less) This band come up with a huge chorus, that I bet live is so good. The choruses are also impressive on tracks such as Kibosh, which really is apt too.

A record that you can tell the band enjoyed making, Live Life Like A Tourist is a great record, the band shining here, with bursts of guitars and vocals that certainly tear through this record from the beginning and make for a great listen – I look forward to more from this band. Highlights for me on this record are Awkward and Take A Swing At The World but Blanquettes Avenue is also the perfect opener to this album.




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