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Review: Arrows Of Love – Product.

Arrows Of Love next month release their album, Product. A band with a natural way with riffs and a unique sound that needs to be heard, Arrows Of Love deliver on ever aspect of this album. You can listen to a taste of the album now by giving a listen to first single Signal through Soundcloud here.

This band create a boisterious but moody sound from the start. The melodies create an atmosphere on this record which is unparalleled, with guitars building the tension as tracks such as Tidal go on, the solid drums work with creating melodies that set this album apart with pops of sound that are well worth hearing.

These melodies are equal to the vocals. with a ripping screaming vocal but also spoken and singing parts that stand out on Product. Tracks such as Beast and Predictable certainly highlight the strength of the vocals and the writing is strong, with a gritty feel to the record that keeps delivering throughout, Beast in particular certainly lives up to that description and followed by Toad, this album works together well.

Product is an album that showcases what this band do well, with great guitar work and choruses that can be infectious, but with some real poetry to them too – this album as a whole sounds so good. Highlights for me are Beast and Toad but Signal is also a great first single from this record and definitely well worth giving a listen.



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