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Review: Vista – Long Live EP.

Long Live is the new EP from Vista who release their new EP this week. Comprised of fierce frontwoman Hope Vista and guitarist Greg Almeida, Vista combines arena influences to create and define their anthem rock sound.  You can give a listen to the band through Spotify here.

This pair pack a powerful punch melodically straight from the start on this record, this band creating huge drum beats and the drop into the choruses drive them forward and really make you pay attention to these tracks, think Pvris but a bit more aggressive. Inside Anxious is certainly a good example of this where everything just works together so well and that bite arrives with perfect timing.

Combined with these sweeping melodies this band have some storming choruses that drag you in kicking and screaming. Songs such as Hellbent are brutal and that anger partnered with that melody makes for a highlight on this record and that continues on Dominance 2.0 the drums snapping throughout and Vista delivering that chorus.

Vista need to be heard, this band just ooze energy on this record and these tracks could cause an earthquake with riffs that bring these songs to life and drums that lay an incredible foundation for each song. This whole EP is worth a listen but highlights for me are Hellbent and Long Live – just by listening to this you can tell why they named their EP after this track, it just stands out.  Probably one of my favourite EPs this year.




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