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Review: Flood Coats – Vaquita.

Flood Coats release their album this week, Vaquita through Hey Amigo Recording Co. This duo is a collaboration between Joel P West and Darla Hawn. Their first full-length, Vaquita channels the spirit of 80’s pop like Fleetwood Mac through  to dream-pop reminiscent of Beach House and you can hear a taste of the first single, Billowing Open here.

I love the melodies on this record. Keeping a retro energy that reminds me of old video games combined with cool grooves, this band create something incredibly interesting to listen to, when they raise and lower the tempo. This is particularly clear on tracks such as Don’t Hold The Door, where the band bring these qualities together brilliantly.

Vaquita also has it’s choruses. This duo create some great hooks on tracks such as Don’t Hold The Door, with it’s simple but effective hook but also on tracks such as Hurricanes and Ultraviolet where they continue to make some infectious choruses that work throughout this album. The writing works with the out-there melodies this duo create and it makes for a fun listen but also a thoughtful one, striking a great balance.

An album of highlights, Vaquita is an album that displays just what West and Hawn can do and they can do a lot, creating bouncy melodies on tracks such as P-22 but also slowing down on songs such as with Window Seat where those dreamy moments pull you in and make a great listen. Highlights for me are P-22, Don’t Hold The Door and Hurricanes however this whole album is well worth hearing, I am looking forward to hearing so much more.



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