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Review: Katie Costello – New World EP.

Katie Costello, will be releasing her new EP, New World on July 28th. With vocals described as “pristine and smoky,” and being compared to musicians such as Ingrid Michaelson and Regina Spektor this is an EP with a lot of promise. You can give a listen to title track New World through YouTube here.

These tracks are a fun listen. Full of bounce and an innocent energy that just flows from these tracks throughout the EP, it makes for a great listen from the start. A Beautiful Mystery epitomises the sound made on this EP, with real charm and a sound that just jumps out at you from the beginning with a chorus that pulls you in.

Choruses are not a problem for Katie Costello at all. A New World has a hook that is designed to get stuck in your head, that is full of positivity and a much needed boost and that continues on A Beautiful Mystery, with a chorus that just works effortlessly with the melodies that Costello creates, these are songs that by the end of July, I am going to know every word of.

A trio of delights, New World is a great EP from Costello who can make melody and can craft a chorus like no one else. I am not going to pick a favourite as all three tracks are made perfectly, the three work together, these songs are just right, go listen to them as soon as you can.


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