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Review: Some Kind Of Illness – Awakening.

Some Kind Of Illness recently released their new album Awakening. This band certainly have crafted a great sound creating Electronic beats and vast sounds that get your attention from the start of this record. You can listen to the album completely through the band’s Bandcamp, here.

An intense record fom the beginning, this band build moods all the way to the end, that dark atmosphere growing as the record continues, ending with Crystal Light which certainly wraps the album up to a crescendo that captures this album’s sound – the haunting vocals working with the melodies creating a captivating track.

The vocals intertwine with the melodies well on this record throughout, with a voice that works with the sound of the album delivering some strong lyricism – though used less you would expect, it’s used well throughout this record adding to the atmosphere this band create this is particularly clear on tracks such as Neon Glass. This is something this band certainly have expertise in, clear here on their new album and Souls.

Awakening continues to show what this band can do as they explore their sound and they do it expertly. An interesting album with songs that have a heaviness to them, the dark beats really emerging to create a record that works together with real ease. Highlights for me on this record are the collaborations particularly Cyclone with Daisy Davies who add to these tracks and Crystal Light which ends this album perfectly.


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