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Review: Andrea Stray – Into Blue EP.


Andrea Stray releases her EP this week, Into Blue. A veteran musician and resident of San Francisco, Stray is skilled at creating moods with both lyrics and music and it certainly shows on her new record. Stray skirting the edges of Americana and blends of Indie to make an EP that makes for a great listen.

Stray recently was a winner in American Songwriter Magazine’s July/August lyric contest and throughout this EP it shows why. A stunning array of lyrics that express the emotion of these songs, Stray is a natural with words keeping it simple but still equally heartfelt particularly on tracks such as Forgive And Forget where this shines bright.

The melodies back up her ability with ease. Stray uses a range of genres throughout this EP to deliver each song. Blues, Indie and Americana sounds certainly are made clear on these songs and she weaves them well on these tracks. Guitars on tracks such as Into Blue bring the Americana vibes and the Jazz influences on tracks such as Little Word give this song a nice energy, making for a highlight of the record.

Into Blue is an EP that continues to highlight the talent of Stray who continues to show just how good she is, following on from album Vacancy. Stray’s guitar work shines on this record as she brings together influences with an ease that few do as well as her. Highlights for me are Little Word and title track Into Blue.





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