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Review: Maypine – In The Back Of My Mind EP.

Maypine tomorrow release their debut EP, In The Back Of My Mind through Disconnect Disconnect Records. The band pull from State Champs, Neck Deep, ROAM and Blink-182, and hit the road in August to support the EP, playing The Black Heart, Camden on the 14th August. You can give first track A Little Sooner a listen now here.

Yes, this band’s influences are pretty clear, but that doesn’t mean they don’t make something that is theirs. This band bring some huge choruses that certainly stay raw throughout this record, tracks such as North South Divide are evidence of this as this band make clear what they can do lyrically and it makes for a strong start.

Melodically, the band keep the energy to the end, with bouncy guitars riffs and drum work that gives these songs the foundation these tracks need to step up to the next level. Inside Out brings these together in excellent synergy, the band working together to create some great Pop Punk tracks that keep their raw vibe and it works for these tracks.

A band still creating their sound, Maypine make an excellent start on their debut EP. This band have a great energy on this record and writing that really does equal their peers, Never Far Apart is certainly proof of this as the band take down the pace and it stands out on In The Back Of My Mind. Other highlights on this record are Inside Out and opening track A Little Sooner is the perfect choice of first single.



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