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Review: A Promise To Forget – Dying To Live.

A Promise To Forget this week release their debut album, Dying To Live. Melodic Metalcore from Birmingham, A Promise To Forget showcase what they can do on this record and it shows on first single, Sylvia which you can give a listen to through YouTube here.

A unique vocal gets your attention from the start of the record, capturing it as they use it to deliver some very good lyricism. This voice combined with the screaming vocals on tracks such as Power certainly bring this album to another level as this band with the melodies certainly come in to their own. The Secrets We Keep continue the quality on this record for those same reasons.

Melodically this band is strong from the start, with a lot of strong riffs that bring these songs to life and drum work that bring some incredible beats, title track Dying To Live certainly is proof of all this as it powers up from the moment it starts and combined with this bands strong vocals, A Promise To Forget certainly raise their game on tracks such as these.

A record that highlights what this band can do and gets better as it goes on, Dying To Live is a good listen. Growing in sound as it gets deeper into the album, the riffs are impressive and the drum work adds energy to this record that it needs in places. Highlights for me on this album are Dying To Live and tracks such as Courage certainly have some big choruses. An album to be built on, I look forward to what is to come from this band.



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