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Review: Darling Waste – The Skeleton Key.

Darling Waste this Friday release their album, The Skeleton Key through Imminence Records. For fans of bands such as Brand New or Too Close To Touch, Darling Waste create their own arrangement of Indie and Emo on this record well. You can give a listen to first single, How I Spent My Summer Vacation now, here.

This band certainly bring together different elements on this record. This album sounds like a Tim Burton put to music and it works – these songs tie in together to build a story and it does it well, with different viewpoints in the lyricism that really add to the album, this is clear particularly on tracks such as I Am The Villain and Hurt Before.

The band’s melodies really add to the drama of the record too. First single How I Spent My Summer Vacation should give you an idea of what’s to come, with a darker sound to the record but with an energy that gives this album something unique and makes for a great listen. This combined with the quality of the vocals (reminiscent in places of Hostage Calm) makes for a great listen from start to finish as this band deliver some huge choruses.

The Skeleton Key is an album that makes you listen. Darling Waste don’t waste a single second of this record as they introduce you to interesting melodies and huge hooks that keep you coming back for more. Tracks such as Dead At 27 and Sing Along Time stick out for their catchiness and songs such as I Am The Villain and Same Old Song are remarkable for their melodies, they just work right on this record and it makes for such a stand out album.



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