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Review: Instant Empire – Last Of The Lovers.

Instant Empire release their new album today, Last Of The Lovers. For fans of bands such as Ratboys, Instant Empire certainly are a great blend of Alternative Indie that suits them on their new record. You can give listen to the band’s first two singles, Spotlight and Slow To Reveal through the band’s website here.

The way with sound this band have. The band blend synth sounds and drum beats in all the right moments that make these tracks works. The drum rolls into guitar melodies on tracks such as Pontiac and the choir of sound on tracks such as My Friend Matt are true highlights of this record when it comes to the band building melodies.

The band hold their own lyrically too with a vocalist that really delivers on this record, tracks such as My Friend Matt are good examples of how to use them with the melodies and adding vocal layers (and giving me big The Cure vibes), however tracks such as Slow To Reveal and Mirrored Mouths have melodies that build and have some great sounds, the huge drums outro to Mirrored Mouths giving it a level of energy that makes it stand out on this record.

A great album that shows just what this band are continuing to do, I look forward to more from this band. An album with energy  and pulsing melodies with some huge hooks to boot, I’m intrigued by this record’s sound live. Highlights for me on this album for me are All Caps And Quotes, Champions and surprisingly (ha), My Friend Matt.


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