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Review: The Equatorial Group – Self Titled.

The Equatorial Group recently released their self titled album, which you can listen to now in full through Bandcamp. Featuring Twe Fox on keys and vocals, Andy Tourle on bass and vocals, Dave Davies on guitar and vocals, Mike Tourle on drums and Helen Weeks on vocals and pedal steel/guitar, This band work together incredibly well.

From the moment the album begins, the quality of the melodies is apparent. Lilting acoustic melodies blending with subtle drumwork certainly keeps this album working together, particularly on tracks such as Over My Head where the band work these elements together to really create a track that brings the best of what this band melodically can do to the fore on this album.

The lyricism is pretty simple, but oh so effective. The emotion of these tracks is so clear and really builds as this album goes on, tracks such as Colourful in particular stand out as the message is delivered simply, but the delivery just feels so raw that makes it stand out on this album. Tracks such as Valley are heavy in metaphors and heavy with emotion as the feelings just work their way through the track with a real talent, painting the scene with rare clarity.

The Equatorial Group’s self titled is an excellent record with dramatic moments and easy listening vibes that make for a contrasting but also stunning sound that works throughout this album. Great writing which is boosted by the strength of the melodies, this is a quite a listen. Highlights for me are Valley, Over My Head and Driving.



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