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Review: Ice Balloons – Fiesta.

Ice Balloons this week release their new album, Fiesta. The supergroup is comprised of TV On The Radio’s Kyp Malone, Samiam’s Sean Kennerly, Fuckemos’ Sean Powell, and Midnight Masses’ Giselle Reiber, the band have already have released first single Calypso Heartworm through Stereogum and it’s a great sign of what lies ahead.

A band that can bring together a huge rang of sounds, Ice Balloons crafts together throbbing, sweeping melodies and dramatic guitar riffs that build in a way that is rarely heard. Building and then stopping with real dramatic flair, particularly on tracks such Desert Women which showcases how this band attack your eardrums with noises that work on songs such as these with ease.

The vocals tie in to the album, adding layers in which give these other planet tracks some traces of humanity, the harmonies of tracks such as Pie Is Alive is both strange and captivating on this record, the screaming vocals at the end giving it another sense of dimension. The lyricism is simple however I feel the sound created on this album is really the focus here as this band create melodies that you’re noy really meant to understand, it’s supposed to take you in.

Fiesta is an album I don’t really understand, but I do like it. A combination of different sounds, huge drum beats and thrashing riffs, this album is certainly an intriguing listen from the start. There are tracks that stand out such as Pie Is Alive, however tracks such as Fly On The Beach stand out to and the use of sampling on Fiesta at the start of Bah Bah Bah make for an interesting (but slightly creepy) entrance to a song.



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