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Review: Reverend & The Makers – The Death Of A King.

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Reverend And The Makers this week release their new album, Death Of A King, which is released through Cooking Vinyl. Following up from an album that was described as ‘the best of their career’ in Mirrors, this band return in style, this is particularly the case on Juliet Knows which you can give listen to now here.

This album is such a good listen. So rich in sound with the use of different styles and cool melodies throughout, this band have piano melodies on tracks such as Carlene and the more atmospheric tones of Boomerang certainly contrast with that, but this album works together well, the band really showcasing the experience they have on this record as they craft something captivating.

Death Of A King has also some excellent choruses, Boomerang does stand out for these reasons too, however tracks such as Monkey See, Monkey Do and Black Cat stand out for these reasons too. Hooks have always come easily for this band however, this album is where this band show it better than ever, with great vocals that deliver each and every one on this record – Black Cat’s use of vocals is certainly proof of this.

Difficult to pick a highlight from an album that changes your favourite track every few minutes, Reverend And The Makers continue making some great songs here. Exploring different genres from Acoustic to Jazz that make this album a real intriguing listen from start to finish. Songs you should hear are Boomerang, Black Flowers and Too Tough To Die, however you should listen to this record, it’s an experience.



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