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Review: Nelson Can – EP3.

Nelson Can release their new EP this week EP3 through Alcopop! Records. A band who are making waves in their native Denmark, Nelson Can return to the UK later this year supporting JAWS on tour and before that you can give a listen to Break Down Your Walls, the opening track from the EP here.

EP’s like this make me realise how much I like writing about music. A band with a firm grip on some great sounds, it shows throughout the whole of this record. The dark mood is captured by slow burning guitars and simple melodies on tracks such as Downtown that just makes for an incredible listen – and with those little vocal parts weaved in, this sounds so good.

Those melodies combined with the vocals sounds are remarkable too. The vocals are atmospheric, almost dreamy, the combined vocals on tracks such as Miracle sound incredible and opening track Break Down Your Walls deliver a huge chorus. This band keep it simple but effective on this record, this band pulling you in with incredible hooks that I need to hear live – they are going to sound phenomenal.

I bloody love this.  Nelson Can bring together incredible melodies and awesome vocals that make up some amazing songs on this record, how a record can both be heavy in places and light to the edges of pop on one album and still sound this good is so rarely done. Highlights for me are Break Down Your Walls and Stonewall Frank.



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