Review: Joana Serrat – Dripping Springs.

Joana Serrat releases her new album this week, Dripping Strings through Loose Records. Following up from last album, Cross The Verge, Serrat continues to explore her sound and does it well. You can give a listen to Trapped In The Fog, taken from the new album through Loose Record’s site here.

Continuing her work on creating melodies that are ethereal and atmospheric, Serrat’s way with melodies on this record is brilliant from the start with tracks such as Farewell springing to mind when it comes to that dreamy sound that Serrat creates and that runs throughout the album, The Garden for those reasons stands out here too.

Serrat’s voice is an incredible thing. A stunning softness in places and a powerful vocal in others, Dripping Springs certainly showcases what she can do with it, this contrast is shown on tracks such as Walk In Sin and Keep On Fallin’ where the vocals differ, but how good they sound doesn’t as she delivers poignant poetry that ties in with the quality of the melodies throughout this album.

Dripping Springs is an album that continues Serrat’s exploration of sound and it sounds so much better, the sounds richer and the melodies more stunning, with Electro melodies with a Folk sound that works for Dripping Springs from start to finish. Highlights for me on this record are The Garden, Walk In Sin and the sound of Lost Battles stands outs on this record too – I look forward to more from this musician.




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