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Review: Sweet Little Machine – Monsters EP.

Sweet Little Machine this week release their new EP, Monsters. Recently crowned Fireball’s Hottest Band 2017 and set to be on tour through October with Reel Big Fish and Anti Flag, this EP makes it clear why they should be.  You can give a listen to first single and title track now through YouTube here.

This band go off like fireworks from the start of this record. Pounding energy and bouncy riffs stream through these songs from the start that live is going to make this EP such a treat. Kill The Hero blows you away as it opens the record and Hurricane is a song that was created to be moshed to, this band are relentless.

To match the pace of these melodies this band have some huge choruses throughout this EP that are visceral and if you’re in a bad mood destined to end it, just go listen to D!ckwad, that is musical therapy. The vocals are amaing but the group vocals delivering the chorus on Monsters and it sounds so good, this band bringing hooks that will be buried in your brain for days.

Impossible to dislike, Sweet Little Machine create an EP in Monsters that is frantic bursting with energy that on tour is certainly going to get that show started.  Its difficult to pick favourites from this record, but tracks that stood out for me are D!ckwad and Kill The Hero, which opens this record with everything this band do best and all the reasons I’d definitely go see this band play.



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