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Review: Katie Costello – Twice The Love.

Katie Costello this week releases her new album, Twice The Love through Rebel Pop Records. Recently releasing an EP, New World  that sounded impressive, Costello continues this on her album releasing optimistic and hopeful pop melodies. You can give a listen to New World now through Spotify here.

Costello is a natural at making melodies, and that continues to show on her new album.  Nice grooves on tracks such as New World and cool beats on tracks such as Roses, her sound changes on this record but it sounds so good as her talent with sound shines on this record more – I wanted more from Costello when it came to her EP and this is the more I wanted.

Those melodies are matched by her lyricism. Great hooks and some stunning verses that are almost poetic, Costello shares so much feeling on her album and it sounds so good. A record full of optimism and positive energy, tracks such as Silver And Gold certainly show this best where those infectious choruses harmonise with the bouncy energy of the track. The incorporation of EP tracks New World and A Beautiful Mystery work on this record and connect this album together.

A fantastic pop record delivered by a stunning voice that harmonises throughout with some incredible sounds, from slower moments on tracks such as Lights to the energetic tracks such as New York Graffiti, it’s certainly an album that I’m going to listen to a lot more of. Costello continues to be so impressive on this record.


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