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Review: Hodera – First Things First.

Hodera release First Things First will be released October 20th via Take This To Heart Records. The second album from a band who keeps getting better and better, Hodera return with vibrant indie-rock with the story telling of Americana. First single from the album, Baltimore is now streaming on Impose Magazine here.

First Things First really does accentuate the band’s incredible way with melodies. Riffs that create dramatic grooves throughout this album and drums that add to the depth of that dark mood on this record, Hodera certainly capture the sound perfectly on this album. Tracks such as Highways are certainly proof of this, as this band bring what they do best together on tracks like this.

Smith’s songwriting prowess shines on this record. Heartfelt and honest throughout this record, these words are delivered perfectly with a voice that has a raw emotion vibe to it that works on First Things First – this is particularly clear on songs like Best Intentions and tracks such as Baltimore. Baltimore in it’s simplicity is a real gem on this album, with a poetry to the words that harmonises with the acoustic just right.

An album both intense and thoughtful, Hodera make an album that sees them share their talent for melody and Smith’s way with easy choruses and cool vocals that shine throughout the record. Highlights for me on this album are Baltimore, North Dakota and The Saddest Sentence.



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