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Review: Mallen – This Dream EP.

West Midlands rockers Mallen are back with their second studio EP ‘This Dream’ which was released earlier this week through Gauge 11.  Promising huge vocals, strong riffs and crushing grooves, Mallen certainly return with a great EP. You can give a listen to The Otherside,  through Youtube now here.

Mallen has a great vocalist in Kelly Jane. A powerful vocal that drives these tracks throughout the record, opening track This Dream is certainly proof of this as she delivers a huge chorus. And that power continues, particularly on Own Worst Enemy where her raw vocal gets that chorus stuck in your head.

Backing her up are huge guitar riffs that really bring the energy to these songs and a foundation of drumwork that gives this band some great grooves, Owes You Nothing is a good example of how this band work together so well. Building as it goes with awesome drumwork and riffs that create the perfect melody for this emotional track.

Mallen continue to make great things on this record. Fantastic choruses and vocalist, with melodies that work perfectly with her, This Dream is a record full of tracks that just bring it and it makes for an immense listen. Highlights for me on this EP are Jack Of Cards and Own Worst Enemy.



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