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Review: Hang Tight – Grind EP.

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Hang Tight is punk rock band from New Jersey who bring to their new record, the Grind EP, a combination of skate and surf influences which is this week released through Standby Records. You can give a listen to a taste of the band’s EP now via New Noise Magazine who are premiering Digital Age here.

As soon as this EP begun, I liked it. This band use their influences in all the right ways, with nice grooves and guitars that create some cool sounds, using soft fuzzy tones that just work right on this record throughout.  It’s hard to pick a favourite when it’s consistently being replaced by the next, however Pretty In True Blue is proof of how well this sound works for this band.

The vocals combined with these melodies though.  This band have a great vocalist who delivers some huge hooks and choruses that are bound to get sung along to. Digital Age is infectious as hell and has some great energy that keeps going throughout the track, the guitars really working hard on this one to make for a highlight on this record – Grind certainly is a great debut from this band.

Grind is a record I am intrigued to hear live, a band that builds the energy perfectly with choruses that pull you in kicking and screaming, my only issue is that I want more from this band. Tracks that stand out to me are Forget About It and Digital Age, however this EP is so well worth hearing, do it as soon as you can.





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