Review: Perennial – The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves.

Perennial recently released their new album, The Symmetry Of Autumn Leaves. Made up of members from various Topshelf Records bands, Perennial are a collection of great musicians and it shows on their record.  You can give a listen to the whole of the band’s record now through Bandcamp here.

This is the finest barrage of noise I’ve heard in a while. Grinding guitars and drums that are focused to create perfect beats run through this record with real genius, creating a wall of sound that makes for such a great listen. Tracks such as The Witching Witching Witching Hour Blues in particular are haunting with the Organ melody and the low vocals that make for a captivating sound.

This band don’t really do choruses and hooks, but they do make songs that will make you pay attention. Hippolyta is a track packed with energy but lyrically simple that will keep with you for a long time to come and Dissolver comes at you like a freight train lyrically with guitars that go at speed to make for a simple but effective track – this band don’t need hooks when you can make songs like that.

A band with a great style and sound, Perennial’s record is a Post Hardcore album all of their own and it makes for a unforgettable album. Brutal guitars and frantic vocals delivering some great lyricism, this band I just want more of, I want to know what they will do next. Highlights for me on this album are The Witching Witching Witching Hour Blues, Hippolyta and Early Sounds For Night Owls, a hard to ignore track on a hard to ignore album.



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