Review: Year Of October – Trouble Comes.

Trouble Comes is the third album from Years Of October who release their album this Monday. Year of October is the passion-project of Phlecia and Josh Sullivan who draw from the influences of Led Zeppelin to Ella Fitzgerald. The band stand out for their Nashville-rock edge, and soulful vocals. First Single Come And Get It can be heard here.

This band have an incredible way with melodies. From the start of the album this band create dark grooves and craft beats with real skill that make this album such an intense listen from start to finish. Tracks such as Bad are great examples of this where the band bring in strong guitars but also add to the sound with subtle percussion that hits all the right notes.

Phlecia Sullivan’s vocals on this record sound stunning. This record really highlights all the dimensions of her vocals. Songs like When It Rains are proof of this – an acoustic track that really shines a light of the fragile tone of her vocal it stands out for its simplicity but also its delivery. In contrast, Bring Out The Dead really shines a light on that hard edge of her voice, packing a more Rock punch that works here.

Years Of October make a record that perfectly suits the Fall mood, with stunning melodies and lilting vocal moments that leave a lasting impression from start to finish – this band have such a natural way with sound and it shows throughout this album. Highlights for me on this album are Broken, Come & Get It and Bad.

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